Our philosophy

Mancini Wine & Food is a still young agency, which unites rich experience and energy in its staff. Our philosophy, wisely connecting italian quality and german professionalism, allowed us in a short time to establish us successfully in the german gastronomy market, proposing products from Italian regions, which are still unknown to the large audience.  The experience in the area of sales, the profound knowledge of the italian customs and our professional management enabled all of this.

Always ready
for new and
trendy taste

An exclusive partner

Mancini Wine & Food holds exclusive contracts with its wineries and other suppliers for the german market. Those offer a large variety of products, which embrace all categories. The quality price ratio is always excellent and ensured by our knowledge of the german market. What we do have in common is the will to establish a sincere and cordial relationship between our customer, producers and distributors.

Sophisticated wine
lovers taste secrets

Three steps towards success

Our company offers also commercial consulting for all companies in the food and wine industry, which are interested in understanding the mechanism of the german market. Whether those are small wineries serving niche markets or large companies not yet present in the german market.

In order to accomplish this, we are always open to discuss with our german partners to acquire even more experience in the market we serve and to bring all this to Italian businesses that are interested to export.

Our importers know that they can count on continuous assistance: each of them is being visited at least once a month and contacted on a weekly basis. This allows us to get to know in real-time the tendencies and variations of taste of the market, open for new things but always demanding when it comes to quality at the right price.